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The Importance of Hex Codes

Let’s say you go onto a company’s website, their logo, site features, and text all have the exact same color or color scheme. They get that color exactly every time through the use of a Hex Code. But what exactly is a Hex Code and why does it matter for you and your brand? You may be surprised at some of the benefits of having this valuable tool for your brand kit. We are going to dissect what the hex code is, why it’s important, and how you can use it to elevate your brand aesthetic.

What is a Hex Code?

A Hex Code is a code that defines a specific color using hexadecimal values. The code always begins with # followed by 6 numbers and/or letters to define that exact color out of the millions of options. This highlight color is from the hex code #BCD39C. When you’ve decided on your brand's style and color palette, you can pull the hex code from the selected color palette to use for your brand kit.

Brand Consistency

Having a Hex Code allows you to provide brand consistency. This not only elevates the look of your brand but gives your audience the chance to have brand recognition with you. They can rely on knowing that those colors are consistent with your brand and can trust in the quality of your products/services.

Exact Match Every Time

With Hex Codes you don’t have to guess or struggle to make sure the color is the same every time. You just have to type the code into the color selection box to have your colors match every time. This is especially helpful when you are in a hurry or have someone else working on brand materials, it ensures that they will get the color correct every time.

Ease When Working With Designers

Having a Hex Code picked out when working with designers will help them create your logo, website, and even social media content easier. They won’t have to guess about what color is going to fit with your brand kit they will know. It will also save you both time and money to have a code already prepared so instead of picking out a color, you and your designer can focus on finding a design that works best for your brand.

Once you discover the beauty and ease of using Hex Codes, it’s hard to go any other route. That 6 digit code will elevate your brand and provide ease in creating a consistent, and professional-looking brand that will impress your customers, business partners, and employees.


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Written by: Jordan Basham

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