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We create a beautiful, easy-to-navigate, fully functioning, and responsive website for your business.

Our website designer approach is a little different from other agencies. We really want to get to know you, your business and your audience first.

By doing this we can truly understand exactly what your business needs from a website

Classic Website


What can we do in a classic website?

Get your business known

Advertise your services

Consultation and/or bookings

Advertise your events

Exclusive member content

Show your portfolio

Show your videos

Instagram feed

Email marketing

Aldea joyah website example - CTG-Design
Hope designs services - CTG-Design
Virtustaff booking - CTG-Design
Textured Touch inc events - CTG-Design
Carlos Cano events - CTG-Design
Carlos cano portfolio
Videos - CTG-Design
Instagram feed - CTG-Design
products - CTG-Design

Our clients

Textured Touch inc - CTG-Design

eCommerce website

Indulge Boutique - CTG-Design

eCommerce website

Van Vixen farm - CTG-Design

Classic website

Hope Designs by CTG-Design

Classic website

VirtuStaff - CTG-Design

Classic website

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