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Tips in Running a Small Business

From Small Business People

We are small business people. CTG-Design started in 2019 and is growing our outreach each month. Our staff brings experience and different perspectives forward when working together. Having a variety of people on the team has helped us curate a set of tips that are helpful when owning a small business. We’ve included some of these tips below for you.

Get Organized From The Start

Organization is a key foundational point your business must-have. When starting, you have the initial paperwork to get your business certified. Then as your business progresses, the paperwork and files start to pile up. Creating a system where you can keep track of everything will set you up to remain organized in the future. Google Drive is a great tool for storing documents since they will be safe if your computer crashes. You can also create a shared Google Drive so other people in your business can have access to the same documents.

Setting Up Your Company

When beginning, you'll want to have an idea of how big or small you'll want your business to be. Once you have that figured out, it will be easier to formalize your business by registering as an LLC or a Corporation for example. You will also need to look into registering as a business in your state. But, this will require a lot of paperwork so having an organized system will really come into play here.