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7 Places to Use Your Logo

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Having a logo for the first time can be a very exciting milestone for your business. It solidifies the image of what you want your brand to represent and puts your dreams into a reality. But now that you have a logo you may be wondering, where can I use it? Today, we explore different places where you can use your logo to help elevate your professionalism.


Placing your logo on your website is a great way to establish recognition with viewers. Once they see your logo from your site and connect it with your brand, they will remember it moving forward if they see it elsewhere. It can also serve as a guide for when you’re building your website. Keeping the same color scheme as your logo will maintain a consistent aesthetic for your brand.

Social Media

Using your logo on social media is one of the first places that normally comes to mind when thinking of logo use. Viewers of your website can connect with your social media and be sure they are following the right accounts by having your logo on your profile too. It also gets more eyes on your logo familiarizes more people with your brand when you interact with other accounts on social media.