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4 Secret Tools You Didn’t Know Designers Used

A graphic split into two sides with one being someone working on a computer and the other saying 4 secret tools you didn't know designers used

Every designer has their preference on the medium that they use to create their designs. Although their work may appear to be crafted on expensive software after years of honing their craft, these tools may not be as out of reach as you think. Here are some (not so) secret and easy-to-learn systems which designers use that may surprise you.


Canva is a design platform where you can create anything from Instagram stories to corporate presentations. It’s free to access the basic features, although many find it worth it to pay for the premium package. They offer thousands of free templates where you can pull ideas for your next creative project and make the designs your own. You also have the ability to start from scratch and play around with their different features ranging from hundreds of fonts to various graphics and free images and videos. Flawless social media posts or logos can come from this website without anyone knowing it wasn’t complicated software, it’s that great.


Animoto is a free video maker platform that allows you to create content from scratch or templates. These videos can vary from social media posts to website videos and Youtube content. Most Apple computers come with iMovie and Microsoft computers come with Video Editor, they don’t offer the same templates or storage platform Animoto does. Videos that you are working on can be stored in your account without you having to worry about losing content should your computer crash. They also offer premium packages for access to more features and remove the Animoto watermark from videos.