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10 Most Common Website Design Mistakes

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

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Creating a website for yourself or your business is nothing new. From going on various websites as consumers to constructing our own and now helping clients with theirs. We’ve learned of some of the most common mistakes that are made when designing a website. We wanted to share those mistakes with you.

Crowded Content

A website should have a clear message portraying its purpose. Content on a website can get crowded with too much information being put into one page. The front page of your website should not include paragraphs of information. Images can be shown but not in such a crowded format that it overwhelms your audience.

Problem + Solution Formula

When people travel to websites, they want to see what you can do for them. If your website is for a business, a way you can conform your website to your clientele is through a simple formula. Show them a problem they have, then propose a solution (you or your business) to solve it. For personal websites, this formula can be applied to showing a unique asset that you have that others don’t have.

Non-Original Design

A frustrating part of being a consumer is going to a website and having it look the exact same as another website. Non-original designs can draw traffic away from your site and message. It’s a lot easier to follow the format of a website that you like. But originality can keep consumers coming back to your website.

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Ignoring SEO Descriptions

SEO stands for search engine optimization. When someone searches for a topic that your website covers, your site could appear as one of their results. There, they can view the name of your site and look at a brief SEO description of your site. SEO descriptions allow consumers to find you based on keywords they put into a search engine. Failing to update this description can prevent people from finding your website.

Not Mobile-Friendly

As smartphones have risen and taken over the old text and call only days, websites have had to adapt too. When designing your website, making sure it has a mobile-friendly interface is key. A large number of people search the web from their phones, especially when they aren’t working. There’s a large market that could be missed if your website doesn’t cater to smartphones.

Confusing Page Navigation

It’s not an uncommon experience to go onto a website and have trouble finding what you are looking for. Someone could travel to your webpage with an idea of what they are looking for. Your job as a website designer is to make their experience easy. If it takes longer to find what someone needs, they may give up and leave your site. In turn, this can harm your site traffic moving forward.

Incompatible Colors

Colors that go well together are an important part of website design. You want to avoid your website having colors that clash and hurt the eyes of your visitors. People enjoy looking at pretty things. A bunch of bright neon colors with no balance could turn someone away. Instead, try looking up color combinations that go well together that also match your website’s theme.

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Large Pages with Lots of Scrolling

Pages that require a lot of scrolling could mean missed information. Website traffickers may not take the time to scroll all the way through your page. Having the most crucial information at the top or having pages that don’t need a lot of scrolling will prevent viewers from getting overwhelmed.

Old Information

Keeping your website up to date will keep viewers informed. This information could be contacts, staff, and business changes. If a viewer is unable to find what they are looking for because your website hasn’t been updated since 2002, you could lose business. If they are looking to get in touch with your business, make sure that the contact information is correct and up to date. This will provide a better customer experience.

Publishing an Incomplete Site

If you’re still building your website, don’t publish it. In most website design services you can view your site as if it’s published without having to publish it. It’s better for someone to not be able to find your website at all than to find it and have it be incomplete. Wait until you have everything ready for the viewer before opening your site to the public.

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We hope you enjoyed reading our 10 most common website design mistakes. Website design can be a unique journey and hopefully, some of our tips will guide you on your way. We are always here to help if you ever need website design help.

Written by: Jordan Basham

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