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Wix vs. Wordpress

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Wix and WordPress are both platforms used for website creation and content management. CTG-Design is partnered with Wix and we use their platform when working with clients. But today, we take a look at what both have to offer and compare which situations would best suit the user for each tool. We’ll explore the pros and cons of both platforms and why CTG-Design made the decision to use Wix.

It’s important to note that Wix is classified as a website builder whereas WordPress is a content management system. The difference between these is that content management systems (CRMs) allow you to set up sites without coding through installing the software. Then you can design different templates, create web pages and modify content from a dashboard. Website builders are more visual and have drag-and-drop features to build your pages in different elements and layers.




Control your own data

Slower loading time

Customizable basics

Backups/Updates/Security are Self-Managed

Pre-made templates

Limited customer support

Organized Dashboard

Larger learning curve

Large selection of plug-ins w/paid version

Not user friendly if unfamiliar with tech




24/7 customer service access

Unable to switch templates w/o redesigning

More themes than WP in free version

Can't export site content

Drag-and-drop editing - easy to learn

Limited storage space for free

SEO tools in free version

Plugins and add-ons are not as extensive

Webinar/Free learning tools

Limited customization options

Where They Tie & Why We Have Chosen Wix

There are some areas where these platforms tie including Google analytics, ad-free (in the paid versions of both), both offer paid & free options for using their platform, both offer eCommerce website options and social media integrations. Neither of these platforms is drastically better than one or the other, it mostly depends on the user. What their experience is in CRM/website creation, and what their goals are for the site will determine which platform is best for them.

CTG-Design is proud to be partnered with Wix and we always enjoy working with them. In the beginning, CTG-Design decided to go with Wix because of its business plan and learning curve. When new staff joins the team it is easier to train them with the pieces of training Wix offers and internally it helps employees learn the platform especially if they are unfamiliar with website creation and technology. Whichever platform you decide is best for you, it's always worth the time to look at your options so you can make the most educated decision.


We hope you enjoyed our blog post this week and found some of this advice helpful! We can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and we are now on LinkedIn! If you would like to connect with us please reach out via the chat or contact sheet on our website.

Written by: Jordan Basham

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