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What Makes a Good Logo?

image of a desk with a laptop, books, phone and notebook on it. One of the books is laying open and shows a page of different logos from different companies

There are a few key elements to all logos that can make or break whether or not it is a ‘good logo.’ Although everything visual is subject to one's preferred aesthetics and personal tastes, there are a few factors that all logos should have to make them the best they can be for your brand.

Clear and Easy To Read

Although creativity with fonts is can be a lot of fun when curating the best logo for your brand, you want to make sure that your logo is still legible to those who view it. Having a clear logo should be a font that's understandable, colors that don’t clash or prevent you from reading the text, and a basic enough design that it doesn’t overwhelm the viewer. More likely than not people won’t view your logo for more than a few seconds so you want to grab their attention and bring their focus to your brand's name and logo symbol (if applicable) so they can remember you.

Matches Your Brand Theme

It can be very confusing for your audience if your brand theme is based around neutral colors but your logo is in a pastel or neon color scheme. You want to maintain your brand theme in your logo to create a cohesive appearance for your brand. Keeping the same theme will emphasize your professionalism to your viewers and they will automatically start to associate those colors with you and your brand over time.

Having a Timeless Look

Rather than playing into the hottest design trends this month or year, aim for a timeless look. As your brand progresses and the popularity of different aesthetics comes and goes your logo should look as if it fits at any time. This is done by avoiding specific trends at the moment or having overcomplicated graphics that are suited to the current era. Something more simple will age better over time.


Your logo will inevitably appear across various platforms. Your website, Instagram, Facebook, business cards, company documents, etc. Having the size or certain elements of your logo that can be versatile depending on your needs will save you stress and time. For example, CTG Design’s logo shown below has its original version and a transparent background version in case the traditional logo does not fit with a specific medium. You may not want a logo that looks completely different but you can be open to allowing certain colors or sizes of the elements in your logos to change depending on your needs.

graphic of ctg designs logo with three alternative logo options underneath including a transparent background logo, a square logo, and a greyscale logo

Finding a logo that has all of these elements and that matches your expectations can be a little stressful but not impossible. Keeping these points in mind will save you time, money, and stress in the future by having a logo you never have to worry about. If you find yourself struggling to combine all these elements into the perfect logo for you, consider reaching out to us at CTG Design to help you create the logo of your dreams.


We hope you enjoyed our blog post this week and found some of this advice helpful! We can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and we are now on LinkedIn! If you would like to connect with us please reach out via the chat or contact sheet on our website.

Written by: Jordan Basham

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