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How to Give Feedback to Your Logo/Website Designer

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You’ve decided to hire a logo or website designer to make some changes to your brand. Now, you being your process of working together to create the design of your dreams. Below, we list some ways you can give feedback to your designer that is the most helpful to them and will lead to a fruitful relationship moving forward.

Start Out on the Same Page

When starting, make sure that the designer is clear of the expectations you have of them and that you completely understand what they are expecting from you. The details of when you need to give them your feedback, when they expect to be paid, and what your idea is of what you want should be all explained before they begin work. This will help avoid any issues later on.

Be Open to Suggestions

Your designer may bring an idea to you that at first glance you want to reject because it doesn’t fit what you originally intended. I caution you to hear them out and have them explain why they think a different design/color/website style may look better for your brand.

Trust Your Designer - They Know What They’re Doing

You may know exactly what you want, but that doesn’t mean you can do the designer's job for them. You have to put some trust in their hands that they will take care of your brand and be considerate of your ideas. Remember, this is their profession they know what they’re doing.

Don’t Beat Around the Bush

If you’re worried about upsetting your designer by not loving what they have brought to you, speak up. Be honest about what you think rather than beating around the bush about what you actually think, this will just leave the designer to guess what you don’t like rather than having a clear understanding of what you want.

Be Kind

While you don’t want to avoid telling your designer what you want from them, you should also be kind in how you give them feedback. Yes, you are paying them to complete a job for you but they are still people with feelings. You can be kind in your feedback without being vague. Being malicious or rude will only sour your relationship with them.

Ask Questions

If you are unsure of why your designer made a specific choice or you don’t understand something they have told you, ask them questions. Designers love when their clients try to learn more about things they don’t understand rather than ignoring it or having an unsure client. Give them the chance to explain the artistic choice they made for you, you may be pleasantly surprised at the answer.

Be Realistic in Your Expectations

Graphic designers are remarkable, but they aren’t miracle workers. Make sure that your expectations are realistic for the timeline, pay, and experience of the designer. They cannot produce a Pixar-level logo for you within half a week at a minimum rate. Do some research and ask your designer about what they are capable of doing so that you aren’t disappointed with having high expectations.

Avoid Vague Feedback - Be Clear and Precise

The largest point to be made out of all the ones listed so far. Make sure the feedback you give to your designer is clear and specific. “I don’t like that color” is not an indicator of which direction you would rather them head in. “I would like it to be more of a blue tone rather than red,” gives them a clear understanding of what you want them to do. If you don’t like something but aren’t sure what you would prefer instead ask your designer. They are there to work with you but you have to be an equal partner with them to help you both achieve your mutual goal.

With these tips in mind, you can give your designer helpful feedback that will make them enjoy working with you even more. It will also help your design come out the way you dreamed it to be and create a positive relationship between the two of you for the future.


We hope you enjoyed our blog post this week and found some of this advice helpful! We can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and we are now on LinkedIn! If you would like to connect with us please reach out via the chat or contact sheet on our website.

Written by: Jordan Basham

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