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Day in the Life of a Social Media Manager: Eli Ballesteros

ariel view of multiple people at a table working on their laptops with headphones and food around them

Most of us spend our time not working on social media in some form. But for a select group, being on social media is their job. This sounds like an amazing gig if you get lost scrolling through the endless online content available to us. CTG-Design’s own social media manager Eli Ballesteros sat down with me to give some insight as to what it’s actually like being a social media manager of a small business.



Walk me through your average workday

I wake up and start checking my emails, then I start looking at the social media of CTG-Design. This involved me checking on our follower count and looking at similar companies to gain inspiration from. I also like watching Youtube videos about social media from community managers. With all the information I’ve gathered I then start to create posts and videos for CTG-Design’s pages. I typically check our Facebook groups twice a day where I share and promote the CTG-Design website and social media pages. Later that evening I will post the content I’ve created earlier in the day.