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7 Tips for Improving the Design of Your Website

Designing a website shouldn't be hard. We're here to help.

Let's admit it, designing a website can be difficult. But once created, a website can do wonders for your brand and business. It's a place that potential customers and clients can come to. They will get a better idea of who you are and what your brand is about. Today, we will go over 10 tips that can help you improve the design of your website.

Create a logo

Creating a logo gives your brand an image. It adds a professional style that can become recognizable to clients and customers. Making a logo is free on platforms such as Canva and Wix. Once you have a logo created, it can serve as a blueprint for how you want your website to look. This will help guide you in your design journey rather than staring at a blank page wondering where to go.

Have a Color Scheme in Mind

Having a color scheme picked out can improve your design game. These colors should match your logo so it all stays with the same theme. These colors can be whatever you want or find aesthetically pleasing. Having the same colors will help with brand recognition and will make your website design journey easier.

Decide on your niche

If you are in a place with your brand where you a creating a website, you already have this figured out. Whether you are a blog, selling a specific type of product, or providing a service. It will help when thinking of what you want to show on the pages of your website. A blog site will not be formatted the same way as an online store. If your brand is still a new concept, it will be beneficial for you to narrow down what you want to specialize in. Then it can be portrayed to potential clients.

Don't use the same stock pictures

There are many free sites that you can go to when looking for stock photos to add to your website. The most popular ones are Unsplash,, and Pexels. When searching for photos on these sites it's easy to choose the first image that comes up that you like. This can cause problems with the design of your site. If you search under broad phrases like 'work' and select the first image, you may see the same image on another website. Take the time to search for less popular images so that you don't run into a situation of reusing the same picture.

Take the time to make it look different

Website creators have become very simple with the basic interface of their platforms. Templates for website design are presented for you where you can make minor edits. After making small changes, if any at all you'll have a live website. Rather than sticking with what's immediately provided for you, go beyond those templates. Take the time to look deeper into what the platform has to offer to customize your site to be as unique as your brand. This will pay off long term when traffic to your website is more entertained by seeing something new. Rather than the same reused website format.

Or, consider hiring a web designer like CTG-Design

The time needed to make your website the way you want it may be too much for you. This is where hiring a web designer can be beneficial. CTG-Design's mission is to get their clients to success by allowing them to have the best digital doorway to their business. They are small businesses boosters. With personalized and family-orientated service, they specialize in creating websites, logos, and social media management (including blog posts!) for their clients. We take the leg work out of helping to create a well-designed face for your brand.

Have a Plan

When starting to create a brand design, it's easiest to start with a plan. Even if it's an idea of what you'd like your brand to look like. This will help you think of more images and themes to bring your idea to life. Designers like CTG-Design can also expand on your ideas. Especially if you struggle to come up with creative designs yourself.


We hope these 7 tips will be helpful to you when designing your own website. If you're interested in hiring a website designer, logo maker or social media manager, reach out to us! We are accessible through our contact form on our website and on Instagram and Facebook.

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