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7 Reasons to Hire a Logo Designer

Logo Design isn’t an easy feat. If you are unsure of where to start when creating a logo, you may be wondering if hiring a designer is right for you. We’re going to walk through 7 different reasons why it’s worth the investment to hire a professional logo designer.

Most Free Apps Make You Pay Anyways

There are some platforms that allow you to design your logo for free, with limitations. To get the more advanced and better quality fonts and graphics you typically need to become a premium member. Instead of putting your money into a logo maker platform, put it toward hiring a professional who will give you hire quality work while also supporting a fellow businessperson.

Making Suggestions

You may have a very specific idea of what you are looking for and are adamant about not exploring other ideas. Designers are great at bringing new ideas and styles up that you may not have thought of at first, but could potentially really like. They also take into consideration how your logo can catch the eye of consumers and gain your brand recognition.

Colors and Hex Codes

Hiring a professional designer is helpful if you don’t have a color palette set up yet. They are aware of which colors go best together depending on the industry you are in, the message you want to portray, and what is most likely to grab your customer's attention.

Access to More Fonts and Graphics

As surprising as it may sound, a designer's job is to design. So they are most likely going to have access to a much larger range of fonts and graphics than you are on any free platform. They are also able to give you a higher quality of those graphics with their tools than you may be able to create on your own. These tools also allow them to create graphics for you that include transparent backgrounds so you can use your logo across more places.

Social Media Profiles

If you hire a designer, you are also able to have them help you create your logo with social media profiles in mind. This can include Facebook and Twitter banners in addition to regular logos to prevent you from worrying about resizing or finding another image to use that might not match the theme of your logo.

You Don’t Have The Time- We Do

Chances are, if you’re looking into logo design, you’re running a small business. We’re small business people too, so we understand that you are spending most of your time running your business rather than worrying about the colors and fonts that may go together. This is where it becomes worth it to spend the money to hire a professional so you can focus on your work.

Your Business Will Look More Professional

A high-quality, professional logo is the face of your business. Without hiring a professional, that face may end up looking like it has some food in its teeth. Professionals take the work off your plate and ensure that what you are getting will reflect the essence of what you want your business to show to the public.

With all the effort you put into laying the groundwork for your business, sometimes you need a little help. Logo designers, such as the ones at CTG-Design, can help take some of that stress off you and provide you with a high-quality look you will love.


We hope you enjoyed our blog post this week and found some of this advice helpful! We can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and we are now on LinkedIn! If you would like to connect with us please reach out via the chat or contact sheet on our website.

Written by: Jordan Basham

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