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5 Features Your Website's Homepage Should Have To Start

drawing of three different website homepages with blue purple and green watercolor

Modern website development programs and freelancer marketplaces have made it easier to create your website than we’ve ever seen. Whether you decide to create a site on your own or hire a freelancer/agency. No matter how you choose to create your site, there are at least 5 features that you should include on your homepage. Having these features will make your website easy to navigate and encourage visitors to connect with you.

Contact Us

Where you put your contact form on your webpage is your decision. But having it on the front page of your site is key to connecting with visitors who may have questions about you, your brand, or who want to enlist your goods/services. This should be one of the easiest features for them to gain access to. If a user is struggling to find where they can connect with you, they may log off your page and try to find help from a competitor. This is why easy to find, clear contact us sections are the first important feature to include on your homepage.

Brand Logo

Your brand or company logo should be in clear view at the top of your homepage. Viewers will immediately know that they are on the right page by seeing your logo if they have seen your logo elsewhere. If you are on social media, using your logo on your website and those platforms will create brand recognition among viewers. Brand recognition will prevent any confusion about if they are on the correct site or not. Featuring your logo will also elevate the appearance of professionalism for your brand.